My name is Michael and Im a designer and creative
living in Hamburg, Germany.

I want to create the product, not just the mere campaign in its support.

After more than 15 years of working in the advertisement business my focus of interest has shifted towards new challenges like user interfaces and games to be able to live out my individual creativity and employ my craftsmanship in different ways.

My colleagues describe me as a nice and friendly person full of ideas and enjoyable to work with.
Plus I love teaming up with real professionals for the process of sharing ideas and creating something amazing.

Apart from that, I am pretty much the jeans-and-a-worn-tee guy you see above, an enthusiastic reader as well as a devoted collector of vinyl records.

A Selection of My Works:

Game & UI


Modular and Flexible Platformer Tileset.

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Various Game UI & Art Concepts

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Mediacenter/Smart-TV Interface

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Illustration & Freelance Work


Characters from Different Projects.

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Butch and the Butchers

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Voodoo Slaves

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Brands & Campaigns


Frankfurter Rundschau

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Gourmet Küche

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A Selection of Former Clients:

My Skills:


Brainstorm - Analysis - Restart.
Being comfortable with starting off from a simple idea, developing a strong solution on the way and then translating it into a catchy visual languange is one of my core advantages.


Research - Sketches - Layout.
Using all available tools that can be applied to boost a concept or an idea to the next level – online and offline, from start to finish – is essential for my approach to creative work.


Wireframe - Design - Prototype.
As a fan of user interfaces, making sure that customers are having a pleasant, satisfying and consistent visual experience is vastly satisfying and fun for myself as well.

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